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About Us

Vikas Publishing House, a leading name in higher education publishing, specializes in the publication of academic and reference books in the areas of engineering, management, computer science, education and humanities. With over 1200 titles, many of our publications are recommended in top business schools, technical universities, engineering colleges, as well as in undergraduate and postgraduate courses all over India.


In keeping with our commitment to publishing quality content, we offer unparalleled editorial expertise and resources, along with a commitment to market each book through strong and focused strategies, through every viable distribution channel.


Our editorial expertise involves a creative interaction between authors and editors, which helps create high-quality manuscripts. A strong editorial development process, carried out in close collaboration with the authors, helps enrich the script through competition research, syllabi mapping and addition of pedagogical features such as live examples, cases, illustrations and exercises. We also ensure that our books offer a complete learning experience by supplementing them with digital and online teachers’ manuals, solutions and question banks.


With its corporate office in the National Capital Region of Delhi (Noida), Vikas® has seven branch offices in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Patna, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, and reaches out to over 5,000 booksellers in India and over 500 in the SAARC countries, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


Our experienced team of sales professionals provides the most comprehensive sales, marketing and distribution for the books we publish.


Core Values

Safeguarding the interests of the stakeholders
The stakeholders of VIKAS® include the employees, the board of directors, customers, partners and anyone associated with the organization. The company has a continuing interest in their growth and welfare.


Valuing/Nurturing people
VIKAS® recognizes that 'people' are the greatest strength of any organization. It, therefore, aims at nurturing its employees at all levels by facilitating their growth and needs.


Sharing of best practices
At all times, VIKAS® will endeavour to share and adopt acknowledged best practices of various departments within the company and those of similar organizations.


Ownership at all levels
VIKAS® expects and trains its employees to take ownership of all responsibilities entrusted to them. This applies to professional commitments, promoting the culture of the organisation and contributing to the company's goals.


Work-life balance
VIKAS® appreciates that it is important to maintain a happy balance between work and harmonious life at home. Through rationalized working hours and work expectations, it attempts to provide the necessary infrastructure towards the same.


Transparency and integrity
The culture of VIKAS® aims at being transparent in its vision, objectives and working. In return, the company looks forward to the integrity, dedication and commitment of its employees.