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Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325977716
  • 188 pages
  • Paperback
  • 5.25" x 8.25" inches
  • Book 250.00

"151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills will help you do a better, more effective job of working with others. The ideas in this book are culled from the study of human behavior, relationships and communication. Everything here will make you more effective, efficient and will put you in control of your relationships with people. You will: • See how to make friends and allies • Learn to analyze tough personal situations and solve them • Understand when and how to negotiate"

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Why Interpersonal Skills Are So Important • People Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care • Social Intelligence vs. Technical Knowledge • Be Socially Aware • Relationships Are Priority • The Nature of Your Relationships • Envision What You Want From Your Relationships • Behave in a Way That Secures Relationships • Look for Ways to Serve Others • Don’t Ingratiate • Apply the Pygmalion Effect • Believe That All People Start With Good Intentions • Give ’Em the Benefit of the Doubt • Live by the Golden Rule • Practice the Platinum Rule • Always Look Toward Solutions • Have Reasonable Expectations of Yourself • Have Reasonable Expectations of Others • Be Principle-Centered • Allow Others to Hold to Their Principles • Set Boundaries • Defend Your Boundaries • Be Genuine • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously • Have a Sense of Humor • Laugh at Yourself • Cherish Your Goofs • Social Skills Are Always a Work in Progress • Your Character—and Your Reputation—Is Your Calling Card • Be Authentic • Act With Integrity • Build Trust • Keep Your Word • Be Straight Up • View Discernment as a Gift • Always Show Respect • Practice Tolerance • Choose Words Carefully • Words: I vs. We • Use Kind Words • Don’t Kill Relationships With Your Behavior • Do Not Gossip • Don’t Be Dismissive • Don’t Be Condescending • Don’t Be Manipulative • Don’t Make Assumptions • Don’t Be Pessimistic • Don’t Be a Cynic • Don’t Be Over-Reactive • Don’t Be Domineering • Don’t Be Overly Opinionated • Don’t Be Overly Aggressive • Help Others Grow • Believe in Others • Wage Peace in Your Relationships • Be a Peacemaker Between Friends • Respect Different Personality Types • Understand Different Styles • Recognize That Styles Differ From Opinions • Know Your Own Style • Stretch Beyond Your Style • Embrace Different Styles • Determine if You Are Shy • Overcome Shyness • Overcome Feeling Inferior • Overcome Feeling Intimidated • Don’t Be Too Talkative • Listen, Don’t Talk • Get Out of Your Own Way • Douse the Domineering • Don’t Be Reactive • Tackle the Intimidator • Strive for Live Interaction • Practice Face-to-Face Communication • At Least Make It Live • Beware of E-mail • Remember That People Are Creatures of Emotion • Fill the Emotional Bank Account • Make Friends • Develop Your Emotional Intelligence • Remember Names • Look ’Em in the Eye • Give Your Undivided Attention • Be “Present” • Practice Good Listening • Connect With People Through Questions • Be Careful With Your Opinions • Withhold Judgment • See Both Sides • Edify, Edify, Edify • Give Honesty With an Equal Dose of Compassion • Help Others Be Heard • Help Others Be Understood • Allow People to Save Face • Encourage • Encourage With Words and Perspective • Pat Others on the Back • Be a Cheerleader • Help Others Achieve Their Goals • Let Others Shine • Look for Reasons to Celebrate • Remember Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Such • Fill Your Own Emotional Bank Account • Feed Your Own Needs • Call on Your Support Group • Keep Honest Company • Get Inspired • Find Friends Who Edify You in Your Absence • Find a Class Act to Follow • Take a “People Break” • Sharpen the Saw by Sharpening Your Mind • Get Away From Your Desk for Lunch • Attend Social Events • Handle Conflict With Confidence • Can’t We All Just Get Along? • 365 Opportunities for Conflict—366 in a Leap Year • See Conflict or Disagreement as an Opportunity • See Rough Starts as an Opportunity • Breathe! • Give Yourself a Pep Talk • Have the Difficult Conversations Beforehand • Handle Conflict One-on-One • Having Your Say Doesn’t Mean Always Having Your Way • Learn to Eat Crow • Bring the Peace Pipe • Break Bread • Fight Fair • Be Mindful of Your Thoughts; They Can Be a Path to the Dark Side • Don’t Take Things Personally • Don’t Make Things Personal • He Who Keeps His Mouth Shut, Keeps His Life • Dial Down the Volume • Watch Your Body Language—It Speaks Volumes • Give People Space • What Goes Over the Devil’s Back, Always Comes Under His Belly • There Is No Right or Wrong • Winner Never Takes All • Fight for the Relationship • Get Clear • Present, Don’t Persuade • Ask, Don’t Tell • Look for Middle Ground • Start From a Point of Commonality • Some Nuts Are Worth Cracking • Put the “Moose on the Table” • Pick Your Battles • Mend Fences • Forgive Yourself for Failings • Forgive Others as Well • Be the First to Offer the Olive Branch—or the Peace Pipe • Every Difficult Relationship Has Lessons