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Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325977730
  • 192 pages
  • Paperback
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Google and the Internet have changed how the PR game is played - and created an explosion of blogs, websites and social media platforms. Small companies can create global visibility for their products on a small budget with online PR and Internet marketing - if they know the tricks of the trade. 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success offers real-world tips and proven techniques to create online PR and marketing campaigns that will drive traf?c to your site and buyers to your products.

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• Why Most PR and Marketing Fails • The Most Powerful Online PR and Marketing Tool: The Business Plan • Digging Into the Business Plan for a PR and Marketing Payoff • Mining PR and Marketing Gems From the Business Plan • Creating a PR and Marketing Action Plan • Finding Your Real Story and True Voice • Touches to Transactions • The Power of Online PR • Effective PR and Marketing in the Age of Google • Writing the Online Press Release • Great Reasons Not to Target Mass Media (and Where You Can Focus Instead) • The Magic of Multi-Media Media Releases and Online Ads • Keywords Are King • Creating the Magic Media List for Your Topic • Your Online Press Kit • Distributing Your Release Online • The Multiplyer Magic of Autoresponder Marketing • Rule the “Airwaves” With Internet Radio and Podcasts, Virtual Video, and Web TV • Rock the World With Affiliate Marketing • PR and Marketing Gold With Professional and Industry Media • Social Media and Online PR and Marketing • Online Marketing and the “New” Media Revolution • The Power of “Local” Online Media • Online Newsletters • Using Teleseminars and Webinars • Online Events for Speakers and Authors • Basic E-Commerce Ties Promotion to Payoff • Hybrid Online Tools Bring the Pieces Together • SEO Basics for Online PR and Marketing • Where Do I Go From Here?