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A Textbook of Organic Chemistry, 4/e

A Textbook of Organic Chemistry, 4/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789385879128
  • 1430 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.25" X 9.5" inches
  • Book 750.00
  • 2017


The book 'A Textbook of Organic Chemistry' was first published 40 years ago. Over the years it has become students’ favourite because it explains the subject in the most student-friendly way and is revised regularly to keep itself updated with the latest in research. This edition presents the modern-day basic principles and concepts of the subject as per the CBCS of UGC guidelines. Special emphasis has been laid on the mechanism and electronic interpretation of reactions of the various classes of compounds. It provides a basic foundation of the subject so that based on these, students are able to extrapolate, predict and solve challenging problems.

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• Historical Survey • Structure Determination • Classification and Nomenclature • Structural Concepts and Bonding • Mechanism of Organic Reactions • Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds • Saturated Hydrocarbons (Alkanes) • Cycloalkanes • Alkenes, Dienes and Cycloalkenes • Alkynes • Aromatic Compounds and Benzene • Orientation and Aromatic Substitution • Halogen Derivatives of Hydrocarbons (Alkyl, Alkenyl and Alkynyl Halides) • Aromatic Halogen Compounds (Aryl Halides) • Absorption Spectra and Organic Photochemistry • Alcohols (Alkanols—Monohydric and Polyhydric) • Phenols • Ethers and Epoxides • Aldehydes and Ketones • Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives • Aromatic Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives • Nitro Compounds • Amines • Diazo and Related Compounds • Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass Spectroscopy • Organometallic Compounds • Organosulphur Compounds • Heterocyclic Compounds (I): Five-Membered Rings • Heterocyclic Compounds (II): Six-Membered and Condensed Rings • Heterocyclic Compounds (III): Ureides, Purines and Alkaloids • Reactive Methylene Compounds • Carbohydrates • Amino Acids, Proteins, Peptides and Enzymes • Nucleic Acids • Oils, Fats, Soaps and Detergents • Synthetic Polymers and Plastics • Dyes, Colours and Chemical Constitution • Chemotherapy • Terpenoids (Terpenes and Camphors) • Steroids, Hormones and Vitamins • Energy in Biosystems • Appendix-I: Petroleum and Petrochemicals • Appendix-II: Green Chemistry • Appendix-III: Chemical Literature • Index