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Reference Service, 5/e

Reference Service, 5/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9780706986426
  • 460 pages
  • Paperback
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"The Fifth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated keeping in view the new developments and appearance of new significant reference sources. Some new readings have also been added to bring further readings. This work not only describes the various aspects of reference service such as functions, methods, principles theories, practices, problems, but also provides an overview of available significant reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, bibliographies, union catalogues, almanacs, directories, etc."

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1.Introduction, 2.Kinds and Nature of Reference Service in Different Types of Libraries, 3.Users and Non-users, 4.User Education: Organization, Methods and Evaluation, 5.Orientation of a Freshman, 6.Ready Reference and Long Range Reference Services, 7.Mechanics of Compiling and Arranging Bibliography, 8.Information Service, 9.Sources of Information, 10.Kinds of Reference Books and Their Evaluation, 11.Dictionaries, 12.Encyclopaedias, 13.Yearbooks, Almanacs and Supplements to Encyclopaedias, 14.Biographical Sources, 15.Geographical Sources, 16.Directories, 17.Current Reference Sources, Sources of Statistics, Handbooks and Manuals, 18.Systematic Bibliography, 19.National Bibliographies, 20.Trade Bibliographies, 21.National Library Catalogues, 22.Subject Bibliographies, 23.Indexing Services, 24.Abstracting Services, 25.Types of Bibliographies, 26.Techniques and Methods of Answering Reference Questions, 27.Theories of Reference Service, 28.Organization of a Reference Section, 29.New Developments