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The Constitution, Government and Politics in India

The Constitution, Government and Politics in India

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325994119
  • 710 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 450.00
  • 2016


The Constitution, Government and Politics in India covers the evolution of the Constitution of India, government and politics from Independence to the present day. It describes the new political forces, such as movements for the extension and expansion of reservation for the weaker sections; politics of awakened linguistic and religious minorities; emergence of elite women in politics; rise of regionalism, communalism and secularism; increasing role of mass media in the political process; changing foreign policy of India; the roles of lokayuktas and the lok pal; widening role of the Election Commission; judicial activism; expanding meanings of the fundamental rights and human rights, and so on.

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1. India: Basic Facts, 2. The Constituent Assembly, 3. Preamble, 4. India, that is Bharat, 5. Nature of The Constitution, 6. Citizenship and Adult Suffrage, 7. Fundamental Rights, 8. The Directive Principles of State Policy, 9. President of India, 10. Vice President, 11. The Union Council of Ministers, 12. The Prime Minister, 13. Caretaker Government at The Centre, 14. Coalition/Minority Governments at The Centre, 15. Parliament (Part-I) The Rajya Sabha (Council of States), 16. Parliament (Part-II) The Chairman and The Deputy Chairman of The Rajya Sabha, 17. Parliament (Part-III) The Lok Sabha, 18. Parliament (Part-IV) The Speaker and The Deputy Speaker of The Lok Sabha, 19. Parliament (Part-V) Parliamentary Procedures, 20. Parliament (Part-VI) Parliamentary Committees, 21. History of Judiciary, 22. The Supreme Court, 23. Attorney General of India, 24. The Governor, 25. Council of Ministers and Chief Minister, 26. State Legislature, 27. Concept of State/Federal Unit, State Politics and Coalition Governments, 28. The History and Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, 29. The High Courts in The States, 30. The Subordinate Courts, 31. Advocate General, 32. Lokayuktas in The States, 33. Lokpal at The Centre, 34. Union Territories, 35. Urban Local Governments History (1687-1993), 36. Panchayat Raj, 37. Civil Services Under The Union and The States, 38. Public Service Commission, 39. The Election Commission, 40. History of Suffrage, 41. Comptroller and Auditor General of India, 42. Planning Commission, 43. Emergency Provisions, 44. Union-State Relations, 45. Federation with Strong Union Government, 46. Parliamentary System of Government, 47. Procedure for Amending The Constitution, 48. The 9th Schedule and Judicial Review, 49. Reservation for Weaker Sections, 50. Minorities, 51. Land of Languages and Dialects: from The Ruler's Language to The People's Language, 52. Elite Women in Politics, 53. Regionalism, 54. Public Violence, 55. Religion and Communalism; Caste and Caste Politics, 56. Secularism and The Secular State, 57. Pressure Groups, 58. Role of Press, 59. Political Parties, 60. Process of Change and Development, 61. Foreign Policy, 62. Identity Politics and Indian Democracy, 63. Indian Human Rights Commission