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Modern Political Theory

Modern Political Theory

Vikas Publishing
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  • 484 pages
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Modern Political Theory critically examines the contemporary state of political theory, making an assessment of the achievement and limitations of the 'Behavioural Revolution' in its totality, and reviews objectively the major paradigms and conceptual frameworks adopted by the discipline. The salient features of the contending conceptual models elaborated by leading scholars, operating from separate locations and disparate premises, have been highlighted and intellectual inter-linkage in their works traced.
The 'Behavioural Revolution' having exhausted the vigour of its first tidal wave, has gone into the background, with some of its eminent exponents in the fields both of Political Science and International Relations turning to a 'philosophical' approach, and greater recognition being given to contemporary political 'philosophers' like Carl J. Fredrich, Christian Bay. Leo Strauss and Eric Voeglin. Besides, one new chapter on 'Gandhi and Contemporary Political Thought' has also been added.
Thoroughly revised in the light of new trends of thinking, the book is primarily meant as a textbook for University students of Political Science, and a reference book for all students of social sciences and Political Theory.

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Part-I: Nature and Scope of Political Science: 1. Growth of Political Science as A Discipline: Traditionalism, Behaviouralism, Post-Behaviouralism, 2. The Behavioural Revolution in Political Science: Meaning, Purpose and Limitations, 3. State of Political Theory Today: Decline or Resurgence?, 4. Nature and Scope of Political Science

Part-II: Modern Political Analysis: Systems and Approaches:
5. Elite, Group and Power as Organizing Principles: Failure to Evolve A Theory, 6. Major Theoretical Approaches: Lasswell, Easton and Almond, 7. Systems Analysis and International Relations, 8. Models and Simulations: Communications Theory, Decision-Making Approach and Game Theory

Part-III: Mainstreams of Contemporary Political Thought:
9. Theories of Alienation: from Sartre to Marcuse, 10. Theories of Political Development: A Critique and Search for an Alternative Approach, 11. Gandhi and Contemporary Politicial Thought, Towards Synthesis Between The East and The West