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Human Values and Professional Ethics, 1/e

Human Values and Professional Ethics, 1/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125937135
  • 344 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75" x 9.5" inches
  • Book 245.00

Human Values and Professional Ethics fulfils this noble intention by providing thought-provoking inputs. The reader will be compelled to delve deeper into his own consciousness and explore values that will benefit him and the society. It will also help the reader to develop a holistic perspective towards life. The book explains the essential complementarities between ‘values’ and skills to ensure sustained happiness prosperity. The most delicate issues pertaining to the subject have been discussed in simple language with adequate scientific, logical and practical explanations. Although this book is specially designed for the engineering students of GBTU, the value inputs contained herein, will be equally to all educational disciplines.

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    Value Education
  • Self Exploration
  • Happiness and Prosperity—A Look at Basic Human Aspirations
  • Prioritizing Human Needs and Aspirations—for Fulfillment and Overall Happiness
  • Understanding True Happiness and Prosperity
  • Actualization of Aspirations and Harmony
  • Coexistence of the ‘Gross’ and the ‘Subtle’—Body and Soul
  • The Needs of Sentient ‘I’ and the Physical Body
  • Understanding the Body as an Instrument of ‘I’— ‘I’ as a Seer, Doer and Experiencer
  • Characteristics and Activities of ‘I’—Harmony within ‘I’ and True Meaning of Prosperity
  • Sanyam and Swasthya— Constraints, Restraints and Good Health
  • Harmony in the Family— The Basic Unit of Human Interaction
  • Salient Values in Relationships— Nyay, Trust, Respect and Mutual Fulfillment
  • Harmony in Society—Universal and Harmonious Social Order
  • Harmony in Nature
  • The Four Orders of Nature—Inter-connectedness and Mutual Fulfillment
  • Understanding Existence—Co-existence of Mutually Interacting Units In All-pervasive Space
  • Holistic Perception of Harmony—At all levels of Existence
  • Human values And Definitiveness of Ethical Human conduct
  • Implications of Holistic Understanding of Harmony