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Library Manual, 4/e

Library Manual, 4/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9780706974249
  • 400 pages
  • Paperback
  • 5.5 X 8.5 inches
  • Book 395.00


The book contains catalogue entries prepared according to S.R. Ranganathan’s classified catalogue code (5th Edition) and Anglo-American cataloguing rules (AACR1 and AACR2), Class numbers prepared according to Colon classification (6th Edition) and Dewey decimal classification (19th Edition) has also been provided. During recent years library science has become a vast and specialized field of study using a technical terminology. With the above point in view, this book has been especially written to meet the requirements of semi-professionals undergoing short-term training. This will serve as an introductory work for students preparing for their library science/information science/documentation diplomas and degrees. Librarians working for small libraries will also benefit equally from it.

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Part-I: Library and Society: 1. Introduction, 2. Laws of Library Science, 3. School Library, 4. College Library, 5. University Librarian, 6. Special Library, 7. Public Library, 8. Public Library Movement in India, 9. Planning of a Library Building, Part-II: Administration and Management: 10. Principles Underlying the Process of Management, 11. Elements of the Management Process, 12. Pattern of Organization Systems, 13. Relationship of the Library to the Parent Body, 14. Staffing, 15. Human Relations in Staffing, 16. Reporting, 17. Library Finance, 18. Library Budget, 19. Book Selection (Routines), 20. Book Order, 21. Accessioning, 22. Processing, 23. Circulation Section, 24. Charging Systems, 25. Library Rules, 26. Maintenance Work, 27. Periodical Publications, 28. Statistics, 29. Annual Report, Part-III: Classification: 30. Need and Purpose of Classification, 31. Dewey Decimal Classification, 32. Colon Classification, 33. Introduction to UDC, LC and BC, Part-IV: Cataloguing: 34. Theory of Cataloguing, 35. Kinds of Entries, Part-V: Bibliography and Book Selection: 36. Bibliography, 37. Book Selection, Part-VI: Reference Service: 38. Introduction to Reference Service, 39. Kinds of Reference Books, 40. Kinds and Aspects of Reference Service