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Gender, School and Society, 1/e

Gender, School and Society, 1/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789353388393
  • 248 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75" x 9.5" inches
  • Book 325.00
  • 2020

The book helps conceptualize the idea of gender with critical perspective, while debunking the biased and unipolar perspectives prevailed in gender discourse. The book contests and encounters the discriminated practices in education and society. It enquires many questions for developing a critical perspective about gender, such as Is gender a biological construct or social construct, or social construct based on biological position? Is gender only about women or beyond? Are gender issues universal in nature or contextually embedded? Is patriarchy related to women only or it is about hegemony of power of few over others? Is matriarchy gender biased free or not? Can matriarchy be the solution of prevailed patriarchy?  Is gender a social institution or personal construct? What is gender equality perspective?  What is the contribution of feminist discourse and women’s movement in conceptualizing gender? What are significant educational policies which incorporate gender concerns? What are school practices which perpetuate the biased gender roles? etc.
The focus of the book is to familiarise readers about gender and the associated concerns, issues, challenges and possibilities. The book helps readers to situate ideas, inquire and analyse in authentic context.

Largely, the aim of this book is to develop and provide cognitive facilitation to enable one to engage with critical, analytical, realistic and authentic thinking processes for understanding and conceptualizing gender.

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Sandeep Kumar is Assistant Professor at Central Institute of Education (CIE), Department of Education, University of Delhi, India. Sandeep's research work focuses on developing sagacity of concern regarding sociological, psychological, psychosocial, and human rights perspectives of educational and other associated issues, concerns, challenges and possibilities. He believes in humanity and equality and work towards achieving these ultimate values with criticality and optimism so as to contribute in developing an egalitarian society. 

He has master's degrees in Political Science, Education and Clinical Psychology, followed by M.Phil. in Constructivist Education and doctoral degree in Human Rights Education from University of Delhi. He has worked with NCERT; NCTE; KVS; DOE; The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom; and many other organisations of repute. He has many books to his credit along with national and international projects. He has been invited as an expert at various national and international conferences and seminars. Recently, he has been a member of core committee of NCTE constituted for three-year B.Ed.-M.Ed. integrated programme. He is a person of faith, action and outcomes.