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Technical Communication for Engineers, 2/e

Technical Communication for Engineers, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789356746046
  • 796 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75”x9.5” inches
  • Book 550.00
  • 2024

This new edition of Technical Communication for Engineers will continue to cater to the undergraduate students of all engineering disciplines. Especially designed for the NEP-2020 curricular guidelines, this book will not only help its readers become strategic assets to their organizations but also make them well-rounded individuals. The content is well-researched and is developed meticulously.  Part IV of the book comprising coverage of prose and poetry will give an added learning advantage to the readers who would have an interest in developing skills for literature appreciation.

The core of the book will equip the technical professionals to effectively communicate the technicalities of their subject to other technocrats or to non-technical persons at their proper levels.  It provides a variety of thoughtful pedagogical tools that help the readers attain proficiency in all the modes of communication.

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  • Marginalia are spread throughout the book to clarify and highlight the key points. 
  • Tech Talk passages throw light on the latest advancements in communication technology and their innovative use.
  • Application-based Exercise encourages the readers to apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations. 
  • Ethical Dilemma at the end of each chapter poses a complex hypothetical situation of mental conflict on choosing between difficult moral imperatives.
  • Experiential Learning-based Exercise (Project Work) is devised to help learner 'feel' or 'experience' the concepts and theories learnt and thereby gain hands-on experience.