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Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325990258
  • 172 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75'' X 9.5'' inches
  • Book 200.00
  • 2015


With the increase in human population worldwide, the need for efficient global connectivity is immense. Telecommunication plays a crucial role in providing solution to this problem. The widespread applications of telecommunication in the fields of microwave, radars, satellites, mobiles, wireless networks, defence, bio-medical systems, imaging sensors, etc., render immense service to mankind.
The book, especially designed for the students of WBSCTE, is the second in Communication Engineering series and written keeping in mind the necessary sequence for exploring the subject. Starting from the basics of multiplexing and its techniques, RF modulation for baseband signals, the discussion in the book extends to advanced topics like microwave amplifiers and antennas and wave propagation.

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• Multiplexing
• RF Modulation for Baseband Signal
• Performance and Testing of Digital Communication Link
• Propagation of Waves
• Radar System
• Microwave Amplifier
• Antenna and Waveguide
• WBSCTE Questions and Answers