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Water Power Engineering, 2/e

Water Power Engineering, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325968981
  • 624 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 695.00
  • 2013


The book provides a comprehensive account of an important sector of engineering—the hydro-power—that is renewable and potentially sustainable. It covers the entire scope of the subject in a lucid manner starting from the fundamentals of hydrology, to various hydraulic and civil structures to electrical and mechanical equipment as required for hydro-power projects. Many new issues and challenges voiced in the energy sector in general and water power in particular during the last decade have been addressed in the book. Recent innovations and developments in some areas like wave power, and new technologies in hydraulic structures, like the P-K weirs, fuse gates, stepped spillways, CFRD, RCC, etc., find place suitably in the book.
Interesting and relevant references of projects having special components have been cited where required, while a large number of illustrations, diagrams, pictures and solved and unsolved questions are included in each chapter. Although the book is not meant to be a design manual, it briefly covers the main aspects to be considered while planning and implementing a hydro-electric project.
The book is meant for undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil and electrical engineering and for the professionals interested in the subject.

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1. Extracting Energy from Water, 2. Elementary Hydrology, 3. Precipitation, 4. Runoff and Stream Flow, 5. Electrical Load on Hydro-turbines, 6. Low and High Head Plants, 7. Pumped Storage Power Plants, 8. Dams, 9. Spillways, 10. Penstocks and Accessories, 11. Water Hammer and Surges, 12. Intakes, Canals and Tunnels, 13. Turbines, 14. Electrical and Mechanical Equipment, 15. Planning of Powerhouses, 16. Hydro-power From Oceans, 17. Small-scale Hydro, 18. Environmental Impact of Hydel and Multi-purpose Projects, 19. Some Typical Projects • Appendices • Bibliography • Index