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Mahatma Gandhi on Education

Mahatma Gandhi on Education

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325986718
  • 380 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 420.00
  • 2015


Gandhi's concept of education is creative, original, revolutionary, skill development and based on societal need. It is not based on intellectual romanticism rather beyond Marxism, Macaulay, Gurukul and Madarsha. It was unique, innovative, need base and fundamental and provide an alternative.
Gandhi's selected original writings and speeches on education have been reproduced to understand his concept of education and its relevance even in contemporary world. These writings and speeches will be an eye-opener for the readers as it will clear the myths about Gandhi's experimentation on education. Never before, writings and speeches of Gandhi on education are placed at one place. These writings and speeches are reproduced here without any distortion and alteration so that the readers draw their own conclusions. I am sure that the book 'Mahatma Gandhi on Education' will open new vistas of research and proper understanding of Gandhi on critical issue of making of individual, society and nation.

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1. Women's Education, 2. Nationalism, 3. What is Education?, 4. Public Good, 5. Curriculum, 6. Literary Training, 7. Education as Training, 8. Service Before Self, 9. Moral Path, 10. Living a Good Life, 11. Laying a Strong Foundation, 12. Training of the Spirit, 13. Tares Among the Wheat, 14. Fasting as Penance, 15. Need of Education, 16. Not Mere Employment, 17. Shantiniketan, 18. National Service, 19. Ashram Vows, 20. Gurukul Anniversary, 21. The Present System of Education, 22. Education: Ancient and Modern, 23. Talk with Teachers, 24. Bihar Students Conference, 25. Building Character, 26. Scheme for National Education, 27. The Three R's, 28. Manliness and Self-respect, 29. To the Parents, 30. A Teacher, 31. Lessons in Freedom, 32. Education of Children, 33. A Peep into the Household, 34. Knowledge to Character, 35. Kindness to All, 36. National Education Conference, 37. National Education Conference Resolutions, 38. Making a True Student, 39. Service of Humanity, 40. True Education, 41. National Education, 42. In Search of Knowledge, 43. State of National Education, 44. Teacher's Condition, 45. About Educated Classes, 46. Fearlessness, 47. Purity of Personal Life, 48. Awakening Among Students, 49. Education should Contemplate the Whole Life, 50. Ideal Primary School for Children, 51. Development of Body, Mind and Spirit, 52. Responsibility of Parents, 53. Science and Responsibility, 54. Against Atheism, 55. National Language, 56. The Dilemma of a Student, 57. Students and The "Gita", 58. Replies to a Student's Questions, 59. Primary Education-I, 60. Primary Education-II, 61. Primary Education-III, 62. Questions on Education-I, 63. Questions on Education-II, 64. Questions on Education-III, 65. Questions on Education-IV, 66. Questions on Education-V, 67. Rural Education Scheme, 68. Religious Education, 69. An Ideal Student's Hostel, 70. Attainment of Swaraj, 71. Idea of a Hostel, 72. Sparing the Rod, 73. Quest for Truth, 74. Selfless Service, 75. Self-control, 76. Education and Culture, 77. Strengthening of Character, 78. Training in Crafts, 79. Faith, 80. Some Reflections on Education, 81. Higher Education for Harijans, 82. For Harijan Teachers, 83. School Books, 84. Progress in Dharma, 85. Harijan Education, 86. Training School for Village Workers, 87. Discussion with Educationists, 88. English Vs. Hindi, 89. Humility, 90. Developing Independent Thinking, 91. Education of the Hand, 92. Fighting Social Evils, 93. Training, 94. Noble Purpose, 95. Making the Whole Man, 96. Self-supporting Schools, 97. Intellectual Development, 98. Self-supporting Education, 99. For Ministers of Education, 100. In Support, 101. Self-supporting Education, 102. Vocational Education, 103. Higher Education, 104. Teachers Training Camp, 105. Speech at BHU, 106. Talk to Khadi Vidyalaya Students, 107. Speech at All-India Teachers Training Camp, 108. Nayee Talim, 109. What, After Finishing Studies?, 110. Culture as the Foundation, 111. Wholesome Educational Environment, 112. Letter to a Teacher, 113. Advice to Students, 114. Talk with Teachers and Students • Glossary • Important Events of Gandhi's Life • Bibliography