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Principles and Techniques of Guidance, 2/e

Principles and Techniques of Guidance, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125911531
  • 296 pages
  • Paperback
  • 5.5 X 8.5 inches
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The contents of the book are comprehensive and cover the whole spectrum of guidance as an emerging discipline within the larger field of education in the country.
The language and style of the book are simple. References and assignments have been provided at the end of each chapter to facilitate students… for preparation in examinations. Examples and illustrations have been given from day‐to‐day life of students.
The book has been especially designed to cater to the needs of B.Ed., M.ED., M.A. and M.Phil. students who offer educational and vocational guidance as a paper. It will also prove useful for teachers, administrators and parents in providing necessary information on guidance and counseling.

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Part-I: Introduction to Guidance: 1. Basic Principles of Guidance, 2. Foundations and Kinds of Guidance, 3. Factors and Theories of Career Development, Part-II: Appraisal of Students: 4. Test Techniques-I, 5. Test Techniques-II, 6. Appraisal of Students: Non-Test Techniques, 7. The Informational Service, 8. The Study of Occupations, Part-III: Fundamentals of Counselling: 9. Group Counselling, 10. Theories of Counselling/Psychotherapy, 11. The Counselling Process, 12. Role of the Counsellor and the Teacher in Counselling, Part-IV: Placement and Follow-up Services: 13. Role of Family and Community in Guidance Services, 14. Organization of Guidance Services, 15. Evaluation in Guidance, 16. New Trends and Demands in Guidance, 17. Indian Adolescents: Their Characteristics and Problems