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Principles, Methods & Techniques of Teaching, 2/e

Principles, Methods & Techniques of Teaching, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125910565
  • 444 pages
  • Paperback
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This Book attempts to make a comprehensive and critical exposition of all the facets of teaching. It evaluates the comparative soundness of the Principles, Methods, Techniques and Devices of Teaching. The chief accent of the book is on helping teachers to teach better. The objective is strictly utilitarian and is designed to serve as a reliable guide to the work in the classroom. The book also offers practical suggestions for making the teachingā€learning process effective, inspirational & interesting. It incorporates the approaches recommended by eminent educational philosophers and practitioners. A detailed survey of the valuable teaching practices followed in India and abroad also finds an important place in the book.

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1. Pioneers in Education and Teaching, 2. Teaching and its Fundamental Basis, 3. Anatomy or Structure of Teaching, 4. Learning and Motivation, 5. Teaching-Learning Process, 6. Principles and Maxims of Teaching, 7. Methods of Teaching, 8. Devices and Techniques of Teaching, 9. Fixing Devices in Teaching, 10. Audio-Visual Aids in Education, 11. Mass Media and Technological Media in Education, 12. Play Way in Education, 13. Kindergarten Method, 14. Montessori Method, 15. The Project Method, 16. Problem Solving Method (Including Deductive and Inductive Methods), 17. Dalton Plan and Heuristic Method, 18. Basic Education, 19. Programmed Instruction/Programmed Learning, 20. Micro-Teaching, 21. Curriculum, 22. Lesson Planning and Different Types of Lessons, 23. Examinations and Evaluation, 24. Diverse Issues, 25. Effective Teaching and Educational Practices at a Glance • Index