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Learn to Love Teaching Again: Tips and Tools for Every Teacher

Learn to Love Teaching Again: Tips and Tools for Every Teacher

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325980587
  • 256 pages
  • Paperback
  • 8.25 X 11 inches
  • Book 325.00
  • 2015


Did you start teaching with passion, energy, and hope?
And are you now bogged down by too much to do, too little time, standardized tests, endless paperwork, changing expectations, difficulties with parents, new programs, loads of take-home work, hard-to-handle students, lack of community respect, feelings of isolation, and burdens of accountability—all with seemingly little support?
Learn to Love Teaching Again supplies you with downright good advice, plus hundreds of tips and tools to help rekindle the joys and fulfilments of teaching.
Enjoy the easy-to-use format, sprinkled with stories and humor, as you learn how to . . .
• recognize and lessen your job stress
• reduce that stressful mountain of paperwork
• lose your fear of parents and turn them into supportive helpers
• get out of the police-officer mode and manage a less-chaotic classroom
• say no to extra duties when they’re begging you to say yes
• respond to the needs of special learners—with greater ease and less frustration
• stay sane in the face of textbooks to finish, high-stakes testing, and average yearly progress
• keep your principal from becoming one of your major stressors
• fall in love, again, with your wonderful profession!

A MUST for every teacher, principal, educational assistant, and leader.

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