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Fundamentals of Classroom Testing

Fundamentals of Classroom Testing

Vikas Publishing
  • 9780706997866
  • 182 pages
  • Paperback
  • 5.5 X 8.5 inches
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This is a practical test on the basics of classroom testing and the place of educational statistics in tests and measurement. The text is written in a simple and clear language that is designed to alleviate the difficulties usually encountered in the realm of tests and measurement by both the professional and the student of classroom testing. Each chapter of the text has a consistent format comprising the main discourse of the chapter, the chapter summary, review questions and selected references for further reading. Provision of pertinent and generous examples (including worked examples where necessary) and answers to numerical problems contained in the review questions is another feature of the text. The book is an indispensable standard text for an introductory course in classroom testing or tests and measurement for Colleges of Education and University education students. By the same token, it is a basic compendium for practicing educators in Schools, Colleges of Education, Universities, Faculties of Education, Curriculum and Evaluation Units, Ministers of Education.

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1. Measurement and Evaluation in Education: Nature and Purpose, 2. Types of Tests, 3. Test Planning, 4. Test Construction, 5. Test Administration and Scoring, 6. Elementary Treatment of Test Scores, 7. Measures of Central Tendency, 8. Measures of Variability, 9. Measures of Relationships, 10. Test of Mean Difference