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Foundations of Education, 2/e

Foundations of Education, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125911319
  • 372 pages
  • Paperback
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This book discusses in detail the psychological, philosophical and sociological foundations of education. The text highlights the basic postulates and social concepts of both Western and Indian schools of thought and its contribution to education. Many aspects of Indian philosophy and their role in strengthening the foundations of education are comprehensively covered. Maintaining the salient features of the earlier edition, this book is updated with the recent trends in education.

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Part-I: Psychological Foundations: The Need for a Psychological Foundation of Education:
1. Behaviourism and Education, 2. Gestalt Psychology and Education, 3. Spearman´s Two Factor Theory and Education, 4. Psychoanalysis and Education, 5. Hormic Psychology and Education

Part-II: Philosophical Foundations of Education: The Need for a Philosophical Foundation of Education:
6. Naturalism in Education, 7. Idealism in Education, 8. Realism in Education, 9. Pragmatism in Education, 10. The Philosophy of Progressive Education, 11. Philosophy of Modern Humanism and Education, 12. Existentialism and Education, 13. Sankhya Philosophy and Education, 14. The Philosophy of Yoga and Education, 15. Vedant or Upanishadic Philosophy and Education, 16. Bhagavadgita and Education, 17. Jainism and Education, 18. Buddhism and Education, 19. Shanker´s Advait Vedant and Education

Part-III: Sociological Foundations of Education: Family-An Educational Institutional:
20. Socialisation of the Child, 21. Society and Education, 22. State and Education, 23. Democracy and Education, 24. Religion and Education, 25. National Integration, 26. Internationalism and Education, 27. Minority Groups and Inter-group Education, 28. Culture and Education, 29. Social Change and Education, 30. Environmental Education, 31. Impact of Population Explosion on Education, 32. Educational Values