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Programming With C++ and Data Structures

Programming With C++ and Data Structures

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125915454
  • 586 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 610.00

This book takes you from the rudiments of C++ syntax and style to a mastery of data structures and algorithms, problem solving techniques and well-structured program design. Moving at a comfortable pace through many labs and case studies, the authors help you appreciate the simple but powerful ideas that make modern computer science work. Co-written by a veteran computer science teacher and a professional C++ software engineer, Programming with C++ and Data Structures combines theoretical insight with practical comprehensive enough to satisfy an inquisitive student who wants to know exactly how things fit together. This unique book helps readers learn C++ on their own.

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Part-One: Programs: Syntax and Style:
1. Introduction to Hardware and Software, 2. A First at a C++ Program, 3. Variables and Constants, 4. Arithmetic Expressions, 5. Arrays, 6. Logical Expressions and if-else Statements, 7. Iterative Statements: while, for, do-while, 8. The switch Statement, 9. Algorithms, 10. Monte Carlo Methods, 11. Pointers, References, Dynamic Memory Allocation, 12. Strings, 13. Structures

Part-Two: Classes and Data Structures:
14. Linked List, 15. Modularity, 16. Stacks, 17. Classes, 18. Recursion, 19. Queues, 20. Templates, 21. Advanced C++ Features, 22. Inheritance, 23. Trees, 24. Expression Trees, 25. Heaps, 26. Analysis of Algorithms, 27. Searching and Hashing, 28. Sorting