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Salesmanship and Sales Management, 3/e

Salesmanship and Sales Management, 3/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125911623
  • 332 pages
  • Paperback
  • Book 495.00

Salesmanship today comprises a wide range of activities and constitutes an integral part of management. This book presents the basic elements of the subject in a simplified and graded approach. Maintaining the features of the earlier edition, all the chapters of this edition are qualitatively updated. The examples and illustrations in the book are drawn from realistic situations which help the reader develop winning confidence.

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"1. Salesmanship in Olden Days, 2. Channels of Distribution, 3. Selling Jobs and Salesmen, 4. Qualities of a Good Salesman, 5. Knowledge of Goods and Selling Points, 6. Buying Motives, 7. Knowledge of Customers 8. Psychology in Selling 9. Selling Process 10. The Approach 11. Presentation and Demonstration 12. Overcoming Objections 13. The Close 14. Organisation of Sales Department 15. Sales Manager 16. Recruitment and Selectin 17. Training of Salesmen 18. Remuneration of Salesman 19. Motivation of Salesmen 20. Control and Supervision of the Sales Force 21. Sales Office Routine 22. Sales Promotion 23. Advertising 24. Media of Advertising 25. Publicity Campaign 26. Display 27. Appeals in Advertising 28. Advertising Copy 29. Advertising Layout 30. Advertising Agency "