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Marketing Management, 3/e

Marketing Management, 3/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325982406
  • 692 pages
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 X 11 inches
  • Book 725.00
  • 2016


In today's socially networked and highly competitive world, it is imperative that marketers are always truthful because customers eventually find out if they have been misled. This can lead to their angst with the company going viral, thereby destroying the company's reputation. Marketing Management advocates 'marketing based on absolute truth'.
Also brand image is sensitive to market sentiments. Brands can be in danger: one wrong product or one shoddy campaign can destroy a brand built over years. Companies must align everything that they do with the core spirit of their brands.
Further, when everything seems to go digital, it is important that marketers keep in mind that customers are primarily interested in their products/services. The book advocates that superior products and services will always be central to marketing.

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Section-1: 1. Fundamentals of Marketing: 2. Marketing Research, 3. Marketing Environment, 4. Consumer Behaviour, Section-2: Selection of Markets: 5. Segmentation and Targeting, 6. Positioning, Section-3: Product Decisions: 7. Product Management, 8. Brand Management, 9. Management of Innovations, Section-4: Pricing Decisions: 10. Pricing Strategy, Section-5: Distribution Decisions: 11. Distribution, 12. Retailing, Section-6: Communication Decisions: 13. Integrated Marketing Communication, 14. Advertising Management, Section-7:  Impact of Competition on Strategy: 15. Competitive Marketing Strategy, Section-8: Reaching Consumers Directly: 16. Direct Marketing, 17. Internet Marketing, 18. Personal Selling and Sales Management, Section-9: Analysing Marketing: 19. Business Marketing, 20. Marketing of Services, 21. International Marketing, 22. Marketing for Non-Profit Organization, 23. Rural Marketing