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International Marketing

International Marketing

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125918561
  • 556 pages
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 X 11 inches
  • Book 525.00
  • 2007


The book caters to undergraduate and graduate students in management schools in India and most Asian and Latin American universities for core or elective paper and will also prove useful to them as practising managers since it develops new concepts derived from managerial applications discussed in the cases.
It presents marketing strategies with a cross-functional approach to global business operations and is unshackled by the traditional views of competition and marketing. Amidst conceptual discussions it illustrates management situations, is application-oriented and focused on learning through experience. It integrates major marketing paradigms and frameworks underpinning the associated managerial applications. Discussions are designed to arouse curiosity in global marketing functions acclimatizing the reader for increasingly competitive environment to become an effective manager. Additional managerial discussions are laid out in “Focus on International Marketing” boxes. Learning Activities to be carried out in groups have been listed at the end of each chapter along with those aimed at the instructor.

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1. Globalization: Thoughts and Process, 2. Global Marketplace: Environment and Management, 3. International Monetary System, 4. International Economic Environment, 5. Cultural Environment, 6. Political and Legal Environment, 7. Product Strategy, 8. International Pricing, 9. International Distribution, 10. International Promotion Strategies, 11. International Sales Management, 12. Export Management, 13. International Marketing Research, 14. International Trade and India, 15. Modes of Entry into International Markets, 16. International Trade in Emerging Markets: Asia and Latin America • Name Index • Subject Index