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Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125915324
  • 368 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.25 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 550.00
  • 2005


This book offers a comprehensive coverage of the sciences of Consumer Behavior for the students in business schools. This is the first book on Consumer Behavior focused on Asia – India in particular, that is specially designed to be a textbook for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate classes in the Marketing Specially.
While covering all the conventional areas of Consumer Behavior, the book introduces several special new areas to equip the teacher as well as the student to be contemporary and state-of-art in using Information Technology, Internet, Digital Marketing, Rural Marketing and Consumer Relations Management.
The chapters in the book have been developed on progressive learning platforms that will make the process of learning easier as well as logical. The text is supplemented with real life case studies. Solutions of these cases will test the skills acquired by students at different stages.

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Section-I: Introduction: 1. Family, 2. Women Consumers, 3. Rural Consumers, 4. Special Area Consumers, Section-II: Personality Traits and Influences: 5. Consumer Perception, 6. Consumer Learning, 7. Attitudes, 8. Group and Opinion Dynamics, 9. Culture and Social Class, Section-III: Consumer Research: 10. Consumer Profiling, 11. Digital Marketing, 12. Customer Relations Management, Section-IV: Segmentation: 13. Motivation, 14. Communication and Persuasion, 15. Innovation, Section-V: Consumer Protection: 17. Ethics in the Operation of Consumer Behavior, Section-VI: Case Studies: HBL NIFE, Global Village, Blair Purifier, Oriflame, Titan, Bigbox.com, May I use your Name, Arriving to Land anywhere Special Papers, Rural Banking, Customer Focus, Typical Advertisements, Reproduction of typical Advertisements