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Office Organisation and Management, 2/e

Office Organisation and Management, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9780706999280
  • 584 pages
  • Paperback
  • 5.5 X 8.5 inches
  • Book 410.00
  • 1980


This book has been thoroughly revised in view of the changes in the syllabi of various universities and Professional institutes in the country and abroad. Many new features have been added, including a separate chapter on ‘Security’.
The present study deals with various facets of management and organization in the light of growing need for information in business organizations. Besides throwing light on the basic principles and functions of management, it further highlights the managerial functions of planning, communication and control in the light of their applicability in the area of office management. The salient feature of book is that, while discussing the subject-matter, author has tried to provide the latest information about different types of office machines and equipments which are usable in business organizations and are easily available in the country.
A Section on personnel management has also been given for those professional managers who take management as human relations.
This book will serve as a textbook for degree, post degree. Institute of Company Secretaries and ICWA. The text will also be a useful source of information for office managers.

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1. The Office and its Functions, 2. Office Management and Office Manager, 3. Office Organisation, 4. Delegation of Authority and Departmentation, 5. Office Systems and Routines, 6. Office Accommodation and Layout, 7. Office Environments, 8. Security, 9. Departments of Modern Office, 10. Office Supervision, 11. Records Management-I, 12. Records Management-II, 13. Office Furniture, Equipment and Machines-I, 14. Office Furniture, Equipment and Machines-II, 15. Forms, Design, Management and Control, 16. Communication, 17. Office Correspondence and Mail, 18. Office Stationery and Supplies and Their Control, 19. Standardisation, Standards and Work Measurement, 20. Production Control and Quality Control, 21. Office Cost Reduction and Cost Saving, 22. Office Manuals and Office Audit, 23. Business Reports, 24. Statistical Data, 25. Office Personnel-I, 26. Office Personnel-II • Name Index • Subject Index