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Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325993556
  • 720 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75" x 9.5" inches
  • Book 525.00
  • 2015


The book Company Law and Practice explains the latest provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. It presents the rules made under the Law and the Secretarial Standards specified by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India as approved by the Central Government, in the most student-friendly way. The book covers every aspect of the Company Law, and is suitable for the students of CA, CS, MBA, MCom, BCom, BBA, LLB, and LLM.

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Introduction to Company Law • Nature of Companies • Classification of Companies • Private and One Person Company • Formation and Incorporation of a Company • Memorandum of Association • Articles of Association • Prospectus • Allotment and Private Placement of Securities • Share Capital • Securities/Shares • Transfer, Nomination and Transmission of Securities • Borrowing, Debentures and Charge • Deposits, Loans, Investments, and Related Party Transactions • Membership in Company • Directors' Position, Appointment and Removal • Directors: Powers, Duties, and Liabilities • KMP and Managerial Remuneration • Independent and Small Shareholders' Directors • Company Secretary • General Principles of Meetings • Company Meetings • Meetings of Board and Its Committees • Dividend • Accounts and Audit • Majority Powers and Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement • Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation • Compromise, Arrangements, Amalgamations and Mergers • Winding Up of Company-I • Winding Up of Company-II • Company Law Administration • Other Key Provisions