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Management of Financial Services

Management of Financial Services

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325976023
  • 592 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 595.00
  • 2014


The financial services sector is witnessing such rapid changes and innovations that the existing books are hardly able to keep up with the rapid developments in the entire gamut of financial services. This book aims to fill this gap by covering the most recent developments and new products in the sector. Closely following the syllabus of MBA UGC curriculum and PGDM, the book has a single-window approach, that is, to meet the total requirement of students in this subject area through a single book.
The book caters to the requirements of students appearing for Company Secretaries course for the subject 'Securities Laws and Compliances' in Executive Programme, apart from providing the required inputs to Chartered Accountancy and Cost Accountancy students.

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1. The Indian Financial System, 2. Money Market Instruments, 3. Financial Services, 4. Regulatory Framework for Financial Services in India, 5. Management of Risks in Financial Services, 6. Stock Exchange Operations, 7. Securities and Exchange Board of India, 8. Merchant Banking Services, 9. Securities Market: Managing The Issue of Shares, Debentures and Bonds, 10. Company Fixed Deposits, 11. Inter-Corporate Loans and Investments, 12. Leasing and Hire Purchase, 13. Securitization, 14. Housing Finance, 15. Credit Rating, 16. Banking, 17. Modern Banking, 18. Banking Grievances Mechanism, 19. Insurance, 20. Factoring, Forfaiting and Bill Discounting, 21. Credit Cards and Debit Cards