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Banking, Risk and Insurance Management

Banking, Risk and Insurance Management

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325994058
  • 660 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 550.00
  • 2016


The financial services sector is witnessing such rapid changes and innovations that the existing books are hardly able to keep up with the rapid developments in the entire gamut of financial services. This book aims to fill this gap by covering the most recent developments and new products in the sector. Closely following the syllabus of MBA UGC curriculum and PGDM, the book has a single-window approach, that is, to meet the total requirement of students in this subject area through a single book. The book thus has all the potential of becoming the students' best companion.

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Part-1: Banking:
1. Introduction to Indian Banking, 2. Structure and Genesis of The Indian Banking Industry, 3. RBI—The Regulating Authority of Indian Banking, 4. Reforms in The Banking Sector, 5. Techniques and Tools of Risk Management in Indian Banks, 6. New Forms of Operations in Indian Banks, 7. Assets and Liabilities Management, 8. Non-Performing Assets (NPAS), 9. Basel III—Implications for Indian Banking, 10. Loans and Advances, 11. Treasury and Funds Management in Indian Banking, 12. Marketing and CRM, 13. Grievance Mechanism, 14. Emerging Issues

Part-2: Risk and Insurance Management:
1. Introduction to Risk, 2. Insurance as a Risk Management: Techniques and Principles, 3. Requirements of an Insurance Contract, 4. Risk Aversion and Risk Management, 5. Indian Insurance Industry, 6. Risk Management and Shareholders Wealth, 7. Analysis of Insurance Coverage, 8. Benefit Programs—Employee Benefit Plans, 9. Health Insurance Retailing Services—Trends and Challenges in India, 10. Service Product and Pricing Strategy, 11. Introduction to Insurance Marketing and Customer Satisfaction, 12. Grievance Mechanism of The Indian Insurance Industry, 13. Emerging Trends and New Developments in Insurance Industry, 14. Designing The Insurance Services, 15. Pricing and Promotion of Insurance Services, 16. Internal, External and Interactive Marketing