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Project Management, 2/e

Project Management, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125931348
  • 784 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75 X 9.5 inches
  • Book 750.00
  • 2010


In today’s competitive world, the importance of project management can hardly be understated. Project Management: Financial Evaluation with Strategic Planning, Networking and Control is an attempt in the direction of addressing all the issues related to Project Management. Strategic considerations, recognition of the human factor and need for administrative set-up are interwoven in this book while developing the main theme of the financial side of Project Management.
This book is a revised edition of the earlier book—Project Management: Strategic Financial Planning, Evaluation and Control and aims to provide a more comprehensive approach to the topic.

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Section-I: Fundamental Topics: 1. Project Management and Corporate Planning, 2. Corporate Financial Objective, 3. Time Value of Money, 4. Interest Rate and Basics of Cost of Capital, 5. Cost of Capital, Section-II: Concept Stage: 6. Strategic Investment Decisions and Project Ideas, 7. Project Feasibility Study (Market, Technical and Financial Feasibility), 8. Project Financing, Section-III: Analysis Stage I: 9. Cost-Benefit Analysis (Cash Flow Projections), 10. Financial Analysis (Capital Budgeting Evaluation Techniques), 11. Critical Examination of Evaluation Techniques, 12. Required Rate of Return From Projects (Hurdle Rate) 13. Economic and Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (With Environmental Appraisal), Section-IV: Analysis Stage II (Risk Mitigation): 14. A Framework of Project Risk Management, 15. Project Risk Analysis, 16. Project Portfolio Risk, Section-V: Planning, Execution and Completion Stage: 17. Allocation of Limited Capital (Capital Rationing), 18. Network Analysis and Execution Plan (With Administrative Aspects), 19. Project Execution and Control, 20. Post-Completion Audit (PCA), Section-VI: Special Topics: 21. Inflation and Project Investment: 22. Economic Life of Projects and Replacement Policy, 23. Infrastructure Projects, 24. International Capital Budgeting • Financial Tables • Index