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Business Statistics

Business Statistics

Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325980815
  • 756 pages
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 X 11 inches
  • Book 625.00
  • 2014


The fourth edition of Business Statistics builds upon the easy-to-understand, problem-solving approach that was the hallmark of the previous editions. Through detailed discussions on procedures that facilitate interpretation of data, this book enables the readers to make more considered and informed business decisions.
Using tools of application and practice in a variety of solved examples and practice problems, this book will sharpen the students' understanding of basic statistical techniques. Business Statistics, 4e serves as a core textbook for students of management, commerce and computer science, studying business statistics for degrees in BBA/MBA/PGDBM, BCom/MCom, CA/ICWA and BE/BTech/MCA, as well as for those preparing for professional and competitive examinations.

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1. Statistics: An Overview, 2. Data Classification, Tabulation and Presentation, 3. Measures of Central Tendency, 4. Measures of Dispersion, 5. Skewness, Moments and Kurtosis, 6. Fundamentals of Probability, 7. Probability Distributions, 8. Sampling and Sampling Distributions, 9. Estimation and Confidence Intervals, 10. Hypothesis Testing, 11. Chi-Square and other Non-Parametric Tests, 12. Analysis of Variance, 13. Correlation Analysis, 14. Regression Analysis, 15. Partial and Multiple Correlation and Regression Analysis, 16. Forecasting and Time Series Analysis, 17. Index Numbers, 18. Statistical Quality Control, 19. Decision Theory and Decision Trees (Available on Web) • Appendices • Index