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Susant K Rout

Susant K Rout began his career in the IT industry with a Masters degree in Computer Application from Utkal University. He started as a faculty member and trainer in C Programming in 1997, and over the years, has trained more than 60,000 Engineering / MCA/ BTech Students.

Teaching and training has always been a passion for Mr Susant K Rout. The greatest achievement of his life has probably been making the complex programming language of C very simple and easy to comprehend. The author is a prolific writer and has authored numerous titles in C Programming, which includes his latest book Tips and Tricks on C Programming.

List of Books written by Susant K Rout


Tips and Tricks on C Programming, 2/e

Vikas Publishing


  • 9789325971585
  • 136 pages
  • Paperback
  • Rs.160.00
  • 2014



Programming in C has always been considered tricky and difficult by many, and yet no other programming language has the versatility and speed as C. This book provides various tips and tricks on C, which make life a lot easier for C programmers.


Tips and Tricks on Data Structures

Vikas Publishing


  • 9789325976085
  • 172 pages
  • Paperback
  • Rs.125.00



The importance of Data Structures in programming cannot be over emphasized. It has been felt that the even after studying data structures in details in the academic semester, there remains a gap for fortification of the concepts ad applications on this, which this book attempts to address.
This book covers the basics of Data Structures, including ...

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