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Subhash Bhalchandra Gogate

Subhash Bhalchandra Gogate, is a civil engineer from Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri, then-affiliated to Ranchi University. Deeply interested in Vedic philosophy and poetry, Mr Gogate is also well-versed in Urdu. In 1997, he began to conduct motivational and development programmes under the banner of ‘Antahpragnya’. These programmes are based on scriptural wisdom with scientific validation and enjoy great popularity at public forums, PSUs, corporate groups, schools and management institutes, and have received wide coverage from the media. Mr Gogate has written many articles related to motivation, self improvement, holistic values and health, meditation, dream analysis, etc., published in newspapers, such as the Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Hindu, Indian Express; and popular magazines like Life Positive, Management Compass, etc. Mr Gogate is actively working as the vice-chairman of Prakriti, an NGO working in the field of empowerment and development of women in more than 300 villages of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
List of Books written by Subhash Bhalchandra Gogate


Human Values and Professional Ethics, 1/e

Vikas Publishing


  • 9788125937135
  • 344 pages
  • Paperback
  • Rs.245.00


Human Values and Professional Ethics fulfils this noble intention by providing thought-provoking inputs. The reader will be compelled to delve deeper into his own consciousness and explore values that will benefit him and the society. It will also help the reader to develop a holistic perspective towards life. The book explains the essential complementarities between ‘values’ and skills to ...

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