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"An internationally acclaimed trainer in the field of Security, Loss Prevention Management and Investigation, Ravindra Kishore Sinha founded the Security and Intelligence Services (India) Limited, popularly known as SIS, in 1974. A graduate in Political Science and Law, Sinha started his career as a journalist, specializing in crime and political reporting. He is recognized as one of the most successful investigative journalists of his time. He also covered India–Pakistan war of 1971 in the Khulna-Kushtia-Ishurdi sector. Having witnessed the student movement in Bihar, led by Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan (1974 – 1975) , he authored a well - researched book titled 'Janandolan'. Sinha's zest for learning took him far and wide. As a private security professional, he visited almost all states of the United States of America, Europe and China. His professional expertise and excellent training skills helped him hold many professional offices like the Regional Vice President of World Safety Organisation of South Asia (1989–1991); President, National Institute of Security Professional of India (1990–1995); Area Governor of Association of Security Organisation of India (1998–2001); Chapter Chairman, ASIS, for India and the subcontinent Chapter (1990–2000); Executive Chairman, founder President and Director General of International Institute of Security and Safety Management; and Founder Chairman of the Central Association for the Private Security Industry of India and Security Skills Council of India. Under his leadership, IISSM has in the past two decades becomes a truly representative body of security and fire services users, provides, manufacturers and consultants. During the NDA Government (1999–2004), Sinha was Security Advisor to the Ministry of HRD, Science & Technology and Ocean Development, Government of India, looking after security concerns of seven ministries and more than 50 sensitive national level research laboratories. He has also been instrumental in the making of the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (which was enacted in 2005) in the early 1990s when S B Chavan was the Minister of Home Affairs. A man of many hues, Sinha is the Founder Chairman of Indian Public School, one of the best boarding schools of the Dehradun–Mussoorie Valley. He is also Chairman of Rituraj Resorts Limited besides being actively associated with several social and charitable organisations. Sinha was in the news recently for the first ever PE Fund investment in the Security Industry when the second largest PE Fund, DESCO in the USA, picked up 14 per cent stakes in SIS. Sinha also became the owner of the largest Security Services Provider, with SIS, buying Chubb Security Guarding Company of Australia, a 100-year old market leader with a total annual sales of over `2000 crore (US$ 500 million)."
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Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828244
  • 272 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.695.00


"With fast developing world of electronics, gadgets and net, criminals have matched the means to use and exploit technology to their destructive cause. It becomes all the more important and imperative to use modern technology to protect and secure industrial houses and business establishments. This book attempts to highlight advantage of having electronic surveillance in the field of security. ...



Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828190
  • 180 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.495.00


"The hotel sector in India is one of the fastest growing industries with annual growth rate of 8.8 per cent. It is worth US $ 17 billion, that is equivalent to approximately `91,800 crore at the September 2012 exchange rate. To safeguard and to keep the hotel industry secured from any external or internal threat, special attention is needed. Writers whose articles appear in this book Hotel ...



Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828589
  • 226 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.650.00


"Industrial Security Management emphasizes the general security techniques and the ethical responsibilities of those involved. The work covers general security management, security personnel management, operational management, public relations and the perils of mismanagement. Individual chapters address topics like role of security personnel in organizational structures, hiring and training of ...



Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828596
  • 132 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.395.00


"Ever since 9/11, the word 'security' has increasingly become a part of popular parlance and discourse all over the world. Security can now be considered a vital segment in every sphere of the organised activity–administration, industry, banking, international travel, you name it. Has a single decade, however, sufficed for countries and companies to master what deserves to be described as the art ...



Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828602
  • 338 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.795.00


"We all grew up reading of bank heists by masked bandits, whom solitary security guards with cartridge belts were supposed to counter. Two developments have changed the scene. Computerisation of banking, in the first place, has spawned a whole new range of crimes, from ATM breakins to online pishing. Secondly, the growth of cash-in-transit banking business has put 5,000-plus, currency carrying ...



Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828176
  • 236 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.595.00


"Modern civilisation is facing unprovoked and undeclared war from terrorists in quest of destruction. Terrorists have rampaged nations, causing huge loss of life and property across the world. Despite best of our policing and defence preparedness, terrorists are a step ahead in breaching the security cover. It is a serious challenge that we have to face as a united force. Governments, people, the ...



Vikas Publishing


  • 9789380828572
  • 280 pages
  • Hardback
  • Rs.695.00


"Every dollar saved is a dollar gained. Anything that reduces productivity and profitability is a source of loss. Total Loss Prevention Management: A Profit Centre is designed to provide professionals with an introduction to loss prevention concepts and security programme implementation. It seeks to present proven strategies to prevent and reduce incidents of loss due to crime, fire, accident, ...

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