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N Meenakshi

She has a doctorate from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. She is a postgraduate in International Business from Delhi School of Economics. Currently working in Goa Institute of Management, she has earlier taught at NIILM Center for Management Studies for fourteen years. She has published several articles in esteemed journals.
List of Books written by N Meenakshi


Marketing Management, 3/e

Vikas Publishing


  • 9789325982406
  • 692 pages
  • Paperback
  • Rs.725.00
  • 2016



In today's socially networked and highly competitive world, it is imperative that marketers are always truthful because customers eventually find out if they have been misled. This can lead to their angst with the company going viral, thereby destroying the company's reputation. Marketing Management advocates 'marketing based on absolute ...


Organizational Behaviour: A Modern Approach

Vikas Publishing


  • 9788125930938
  • 580 pages
  • Paperback
  • Rs.495.00
  • 2009



This book prescribes methods to manage employees and suggests that the management takes responsibility for everything that might adversely affect an employee’s capacity to work creatively and intelligently, irrespective of the place – inside the organization or outside it. The focus of the book is on holistic development of the individual. ...

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