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He also known as Manmohan Kumar Rana, is an electrical, aeronautical and computer engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. With his experience of 30 years in the Indian Air Force and 10 years in the international corporate world, he is now working to ameliorate the political, economic and social ills that plague India. He partners with NGOs to forward his vision of what is required for moving towards inclusive prosperity and decisive sustainability.
Mike Rana has received several awards from the Government of India for work on many projects on large database systems, real-time air defence systems and missile systems. He has the distinction of receiving awards for his writings on information technology by the Computer Society of India.
He is the author of A Citizen's Manifesto, and a regular contributor to a number of international magazines. He is also active in the social media where he has more than 3,000 followers. Currently, he is engaged in drafting manifestoes for several national political parties.
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Vikas Publishing


  • 9789325975958
  • 328 pages
  • Paperback
  • Rs.225.00
  • 2014



In the late 1960s, Louis Armstrong raised the American and British spirits by his immortal song ‘What a Wonderful World’. It was a wonderful world then. Galloping and trotting, the world advanced to prosperity; but it also ran into scarcity. Who or what is placing hurdles in our way, and how these are to be overcome are the questions that are ...

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