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Library Organization, 1/e

Library Organization, 1/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9780706990324
  • 288 pages
  • Paperback
  • 5.5" x 8.5" inches
  • Book 345.00

This book gives an overview of the subject covering different topics such as different types of libraries, public library movement in India, UK and USA; library legislation; library cooperation; library associations and other organizations, librarianship as a profession; censorship and copyright and laws of library science. The book has been written primarily to meet the requirements of students preparing for Library Science/Library and Information Science/Documentation diplomas and Degrees (Bachelor of Library Science/and Diploma in Library Science. It will also be found useful by practising librarians.

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  • Library and Society
  • School Library
  • College Library
  • University Library
  • Special Library
  • Public Library
  • Library Extension Service
  • National Library
  • Public Library Movement in India
  • Public Library Movement in UK and USA
  • Library Legislation
  • Library Cooperations
  • Library Association
  • Organizations other than Library Associations
  • Librarianship as a Profession
  • Censorship and Copyright
  • Laws of Library Science
  • Index