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Vikas Publishing
  • 9789325986732
  • 144 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75" X 9.5" inches
  • Book 150.00
  • 2015


Education as a process is the basis for knowledge, skills and development. Development of the individual, family, society, community, society and nation is only possible through education. Education is very important to revolutionize the world as a whole. Formally , it requires a teacher to impart the knowledge to the student. But in today’s rapidly changing environment Educational Technology plays an important role in how is education is being imparted. Developments are happening on daily basis in the field of technology which has helped the students to interact with the teachers from the remote regions also. Now anybody can access the courses and study materials from anywhere which has helped the dropouts, working professionals to complete their studies. Technology has helped achieving this and it has made distance education possible.World has become a global village. This book tries to explore the various sources, technologies, institutions etc which are promoting the Distance Education.. The book has been designed for the beginners in the field of education to provide comprehensive coverage of components of Distance Education.

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• Doorvarti Shiksha ki Avdharna, Tatva tatha Star (Distance Education: Concept, Elements and Level)
• Doorvarti Shiksha ka Itihas aur Vikas (History and Development of Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shikshan aur Paramparagat Shikshan ( Distance Teaching and Traditional Teaching)
• Doorvarti Shiksha ke Praroop aur Siddhant (Models and Principles of Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shiksha ki Sansthayein (Institutions of Distance Education) 
• Doorvarti Shiksha ke Pramukh Vishwavidyalaye (Main Universities of Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shiksha ka Pathyekram ( Curriculum of Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shiksha main Pathyekram Yojnayein ( Curriculum Planning in Distance Education)
• Sva-Adhigam Shikshan Samagri ( Self Learning Material)
• Doorvarti Shiksha mein Shaikshik Pradyogiki ( Educational Technology in Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shiksha mein Datt Karya ( Assignment in Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shiksha Vidyarthi aur Sahayak Sevain ( Students and Support Services in Distance Education)
• Doorvati Shiksha ke Mandand ( Criteria of Distance Education)
• Doorvarti Shiksha ka Bhavishya ( Future of Distance Education)