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Macroeconomic Theory, 14/e

Macroeconomic Theory, 14/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125941958
  • 832 pages
  • Paperback
  • 6.75" x 9.5" inches
  • Book 510.00

In this book, the concepts have been organized and presented in a graded and logical manner for easy understanding. While two new chapters on ‘Taxation and Public Debt’ and the ‘Foreign Exchange Rate’ have been added, the concepts of the ‘Green Net National Product’ and the ‘Supply-side Economics’ have been discussed in greater detail. Several other chapters in the book have been significantly augmented with the latest information. Many diagrams have been redrawn to facilitate clearer grasp of difficult concepts. A complete textbook on the subject for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Economics, Commerce and Business Management. The book provides an integrated view of macroeconomics from a global perspective as well as from an Indian point of view with special emphasis on the Indian Monetary Policy.

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    Part I: Introduction
  • Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics
  • Objectives of Business Firms
  • Some Fundamental Concepts Used in Business Decisions
  • Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques
  • Method of Estimating a Function - The Regression Technique

    Part II: Analysis of Demand and Demand Forecasting
  • Basics of the Market System and Market Equilibrium
  • Analysis of Consumer Demand
  • Analysis of Market Demand and Demand Elasticities
  • Demand Forecasting

    Part III: Production and Cost Analysis
  • Theory of Production
  • Theory of Cost and Break-Even Analysis
  • Linear Programming

    Part IV: Market Structure, Pricing Theory and Practices
  • Market Structure and Pricing Decisions
  • Alternative Theories of the Firm
  • Pricing Strategies and Practices

    Part V: Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions
  • Capital Budgeting and Investment Under Certainty
  • Investment Decisions Under Risk and Uncertainty

    Part VI: Macroeconomic Aspects of Managerial Economics
  • Macroeconomics - Meaning, Nature and Scope
  • Circular Flow Model of the Economy
  • National Income - Concept and Measurement
  • Theory of National Income Determination
  • Income Determination with Government and Foreign Trade
  • Modern Theories of Economic Growth
  • Business Cycles and Stabilization
  • Inflation: Meaning, Theories and Control Measures

    Part VII: International Economic Linkages
  • Changing International Business Environment
  • Theory of International Trade
  • Foreign Trade Policy - Free Trade Vs. Trade Control
  • Determination of Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Balance of Payments: Meaning, Disequilibrium and Adjustment
  • International Monetary System

    Part VIII: Government and the Private Business
  • Government’s Role in the Economy
  • Fiscal Policy: Taxation and Private Business
  • Monetary Policy
  • Industrial Policy of India
  • Some Economic Legislations
  • Social Responsibility of Private Business