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Mathematics and Statistics for Economics, 2/e

Mathematics and Statistics for Economics, 2/e

Vikas Publishing
  • 9788125909828
  • 912 pages
  • Paperback
  • Royal inches
  • Book 625.00

This book includes considerably more material than that required in most courses and therefore, should be able to generate greater interest in the subject. The contents and methodology of this book have been tested over the past three decades and more. Each chapter gives a concise presentation of concepts and theories which are illustrated and simplified with the help of examples.

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1.Review of Some Elementary Mathematics, 2.Mathematical Reasoning, 3.Sets and Relations, 4.The Number System, 5.System of Equations and Inequations Market Equilibrium, 6.Trigonometry, 7.Determinants and Matrices, 8.Analytical Geometry, 9.Functions and Limits, 10.Differential Calculus: Functions of One Variable, 11.Differential Calculus: Functions of Two or More Variables, 12.Integral Calculus, 13.Differential and Difference Equations, 14.Input Output Economics, 15.National Income and Economic Accounting, 16.Linear Programming, 17.Probability and Statistics, 18.Frequency Distributions, 19.Measures Central Tendency, 20.Dispersion, Descriptive Measures, Expectation, Movements, 21.Distributions I: Some Theoretical Distributions, 22.Distribution II: Discrete and Continuous Distributions Exact Sampling Distributions, 23.Correlation and Regression, 24.Sampling, 25.Statistical Inference: Estimations, 26.Testing of Hypotheses, 27.Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), 28.Index Numbers, 29.Time Series, 30.Compilation and Presentation of Statistics